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  • St. Luke's Church, Probably 1920's
  • St. Luke's Youth Group, 1960
  • Robbins Hunter and Colonial Dames, 1941
  • St. Luke's Church Interior, April 1927
  • St. Luke's Christmas Pageant, 1956
  • The Rev. Harvey Guthrie and Family 1956
  • Church Choir Easter 1935

St. Luke's Historical Records Project

St. Luke's Church is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.  Established in 1827 by families with roots in Connecticut and Massachusetts, the parish has gone through repeated cycles of expansion and decline, sometimes thriving, other times nearing the brink of collapse. 

Across time, however, it has been remarkably diligent in recording and maintaining records of its congregational life.  Its records include: minutes of its governing board, the vestry, since 1836; registers of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, membership transfers, visitors, and deaths; financial statements; photographs and portraits.

St. Luke's Historical Documents Project is now cataloging these records.  Concurrently, it has begun photographing documents that are irreplaceable.  As work is complete, we will share it on this website.  Where feasible, printed documents will be rendered as electronically searchable text. Posted document images will include electronically searchable meta tags.  Registers will be transformed into searchable database tables.  It will take years, however, to complete this work.

Importantly, we encourage public use of our historical documents and data.  However, we generally do not disclose information about living persons or events that have occurred in the past 50 years.  Accessing some data establishes a user account and logging into this website.  St. Luke's Church does not and will not share any user information with third parties.  Further, we do not use registration information to solicit church membership.  

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